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Managing Master tempalte through APIs


You first need to get a session id. Use User Management/auth/login with your Argo credentials to get a session's id = session attribute in the returned json.

QRcode leaders

To create or edit a QRCode leader, user QRCode /qrcodes/master

In the API, you need to pass :

  • sessionId : see authentification
  • campaign id : the id of the ARGO campaign you want to add a QRCode leader in
  • id : a functional unique id. Example
  • landing page as html
  • colors in json format. See :
  • logo in base64
  • texts in json format. Example : {"fr":{"success":{"seeMyVideoAR":""},"general":{"back":"Retour"}}}. The list of texts can evolve, please contact us to get the full list of texts that can be customized.
  • videoMaxSize : you can specifify how long a video a user can record. Integer in seconds.
  • defaultVideoUrl : url of a video that will be displayed when a QRCode follower is open