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This represents an atomic augmentation.

Example : an image you can click to open an url.

The asset structure can be summarized as :

  • A representation
    • Page number
    • Position and size
    • icon
  • A list of actions that can be triggered. An action has a type and data. Example of action types are :
    • Url : to open an url is an other tab
    • Video : to run a video in the asset


The underlying pdf that must be uploaded before creating a smartlink.

Content and document are different concepts because a content could be shared by several Documents.

NB : In new APIs, will be renamed as documents


This is a smartlink. A smartlink is the main ARGOflow entity.

It encompasses :

  • Link to an already created content
  • Assets
  • Publication settings

Publication options :

  • Distribution = method of the distribution
  • The recommended distribution option is ‘0 : Email service’, other options are specific to the CRM platform you plan to use for your mailing.
  • extractPDF : if true, visitors will be allowed to download the underlying pdf
  • printAllowed: if true, visitors will be allowed to print the original pdf file
  • emailRequired : if true, visitors will be required their email to open the document
  • pdfzPassword : if specified, visitors will need to enter this password to open the smartlink
  • sendMailOpen : send an email notification when somebody open SL
    • 0 or none (default value) : never send email notification.
    • 1 : only at first opening
    • 2 : after each opening
  • Tracking_email: Email for the notifications (see above)
  • startDateTime: Time from which SL will be available
  • endDateTime: Time to before SL will be available
  • Pdfz_version: Version of the SL creator. Leave it empty if you use the API outside of the editor.
  • Pdfz_settings: Extra settings of the SL creator
  • smartlinkSocialDesc: This sentence will be shown when user shares this smartlink in any social networks
  • faviconB64: Favicon of the SL in base64. Used for social sharing.
  • customPreviewImage: Custom preview image. Used when your link is is hared on social networks.

NB : In new APIs, will be renamed as smartlink


A folder to organize Contents and Documents of an organization.


A member of an organization.

A member has

  • a login and password to log to ARGOflow platform
  • A role with associated permissions


The entity which subscribed to ARGOflow


Anyone that opens a Smartlink outside of ARGOflow editor