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ARGOflow Reader

Advanced webView usage

Communication between webviews

sending message

window.parent.postMessage({your message}, "*");

listening for messages

function onMessage(event) {
  console.log("iframe onMessage", event);
  event.source.postMessage("ACK", "*");
window.addEventListener("message", onMessage);

Simple Example

Let's help your customers see how an option can affect their bill.

We have an image slider presenting products. When the customer selects a product, then the bill amount is updated accordingly.

In this example, we have 2 webviews : * one is the image slider, sending an event every time a product is selected * one is the bill amount. This webview must update its content every time a new product is selected; thus must be listening to the first webview's events.

To test it in action:

  1. let's create a new smartlink
  2. create 2 webviews with autoplay checked.
  3. Slider webview must contain Code of slider
  4. The other webview must contain Code of updated amount